The Echo tutorial is designed to teach a programmer who is comfortable with the Java Programming Language the basics of creating applications with Echo. Only basic concepts are introduced; it does not explain all available features. More detailed reference documentation of the various features of each Echo component is available in the API Documentation.

Before You Begin

The tutorial assumes that you have a basic working knowledge of the Java Programming Language. If you don't, you'll want to read Sun's Java Tutorial before you get started with Echo. It is also helpful, but by no means required, to have some knowledge of Java Swing. Such knowledge is useful as the API of Echo is somewhat similar to that of Swing.

Echo does not require the developer to have any knowledge of HTML, HTTP or JavaScript. You do not need to know how to create Java Servlets, but in order to write your own applications you will need to learn how to deploy one to a Servlet container. Instructions are provided that demonstrate how to get the tutorial programs operating even if you do not not know how to deploy a Java Servlet.