Building With Ant

Echo uses the Apache Ant Build Tool for all build tasks, e.g., for building test application WAR files, running unit tests, or building final Echo releases that are uploaded to If your system does not already have Ant installed, follow the directions on to obtain and install it.

Servlet API Requirement

When building Echo, you will need to inform Ant of the location of a JEE servlet.jar file containing the Java Servlet API. This can be done by setting the SERVLET_LIB_JAR environment variable to the complete path of this jar, e.g.: /home/me/jetty/lib/servlet-api-2.5-6.1.5.jar or by specifying the location each time ant is called using the servlet.lib.jar variable, e.g.:

ant release -Dservlet.lib.jar=/home/me/jetty/lib/servlet-api-2.5-6.1.5.jar

Build Targets

The following build targets are supported by the Echo3 Ant build file:

release Builds a complete Echo release with source code, example applications, JARs, and documentation. This target takes a long time to build.
dist.testapp Builds the server-side Java interactive test application.
clean Cleans (deletes) all previous build output.