Working with Echo Source

Echo is open-source software licensed under the Mozilla Public License, GNU Lesser/Library General Public License, and/or GNU General Public License. As such you are free to modify the software to suit your specific purposes.

The Echo source distribution includes an Apache Ant build file to build and test the framework. It is also possible to run Echo test applications from directly within Eclipse for rapid development.

Contributing Changes

If you've made improvements to the framework from which others might benefit, please share them with the community by posting a message on the Echo Developer Forums "Echo3 Development" forum:

Code Conventions

Please review and follow the Java Code Conventions for any code contributed back to the Echo platform. This code convention is enforced on all Echo source.

Performance Considerations

Be certain to verify that any changes you make do not adversely affect performance. It is critical to verify this using the Performance Monitoring system described here. Generally speaking, changes that slow Echo down will be not be integrated into the main Echo distribution.