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RadioButton component: a toggle button which allows a user to select one option from a group of options. Radio buttons should be assigned to a unique named group (by setting the group property). Only one radio button in a group will be selected at a given time. May not contain child components.

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Methods inherited from class Echo.Component
getFocusComponent, add, addListener, fireEvent, get, getComponent, getComponentCount, getIndex, getLayoutDirection, getLocale, getLocalStyleData, getRenderLayoutDirection, getRenderLocale, getStyle, getStyleName, indexOf, isActive, isAncestorOf, isEnabled, isRenderEnabled, register, render, renderIndex, remove, removeAll, removeListener, set, setEnabled, setIndex, setLayoutDirection, setLocale, setStyle, setStyleName, toString

Style Properties
group String a unique identifier used to group radio buttons together (set this property to a value generated by Echo.Application.generateUid() to guarantee uniqueness)