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Echo.Button, Echo.ToggleButton

Abstract base class for button components.

Instance Method Summary
Public, Virtual doAction()
Programmatically performs a button action.

Methods inherited from class Echo.Component
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Style Properties
actionCommand String the action command fired in action events when the button is pushed
alignment Alignment (String or Object) the alignment of the button's content (only horizontal alignments are supported, any vertical component of the alignment value will not be rendered)
backgroundImage FillImage (String or Object) the background image
border Border (String or Object) the default button border
disabledBackground Color (String) the disabled background color
disabledBackgroundImage FillImage (String or Object) the disabled background image
disabledBorder Border (String or Object) the disabled border
disabledFont Font (Object) the disabled font
disabledForeground Color (String) the disabled foreground color
disabledIcon ImageReference (String or Object) the disabled icon
focusedBackground Color (String) the focused background
focusedBackgroundImage FillImage (String or Object) the focused background image
focusedBorder Border (String or Object) the focused border
focusedEnabled Boolean boolean flag indicating whether focus effects are enabled
focusedFont Font (Object) the focused font
focusedForeground Color (String) the focused foreground color
focusedIcon ImageReference (String or Object) the focused icon
height Extent (Number or String) the button height
icon ImageReference (String or Object) the button icon
iconTextMargin Extent (Number or String) the extent margin between the button's icon and text
insets Insets (Number, String, or Object) the inset padding margin between the button's border and its content
lineWrap Boolean boolean flag indicating whether text within the button may be wrapped
pressedBackground Color (String) the pressed background color
pressedBackgroundImage FillImage (String or Object) the pressed background image
pressedBorder Border (String or Object) the pressed border
pressedEnabled Boolean boolean flag indicating whether pressed effects are enabled
pressedFont Font (Object) the pressed font
pressedForeground Font (Object) the pressed foreground color
pressedIcon ImageReference (String or Object) the pressed icon
rolloverBackground Color (String) the rollover background color
rolloverBackgroundImage FillImage (String or Object) the rollover background image
rolloverBorder Border (String or Object) the rollover border
rolloverEnabled Boolean boolean flag indicating whether rollover effects are enabled
rolloverFont Font (Object) the rollover font
rolloverForeground Color (String) the rollover foreground
rolloverIcon ImageReference (String or Object) the rollover icon
text String the text of the button
textAlignment Alignment (String or Object) the alignment of the text
textPosition Alignment (String or Object) the position of the text relative to the icon
toolTipText String the tool tip text
width Extent (Number or String) the width of the button

action An event fired when the button is pressed (clicked). The actionCommand property of the pressed button is provided as a property.

Instance Method Detail
Programmatically performs a button action.