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RichTextArea component: a rich text user input field which allows the user to select text styles, and insert/manipulate objects such as links, images, enumerated lists, or tables. This component may not contain children. Security warning: HTML input provided by this component should be considered potentially malicious. Directly rendering the HTML entered by one user to other users of a multi-user application without first "cleaning" it could be disastrous to the other users. For example, a user could potentially embed JavaScript code in URLs that would execute in the other users' browsers. Any cleaning operations must be performed on the client that will render such HTML (not the client sending it) or on a central trusted server.

Class Field Summary

Instance Method Summary
Public doAction()
Processes a user action (pressing enter within text entry area).
Public insertHtml()
Inserts HTML within the text area at the current cursor location.

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Component Properties
text String the content of the text area

Style Properties
border Border (String or Object) the border surrounding the text entry area
menuStyleName String style name for menu bar
controlPaneStyleName String style name for control panes used in dialogs
controlPaneRowStyleName String style name for control pane row used in dialogs
controlPaneButtonStyleName String style name for control pane buttons used in dialogs
toolbarButtonStyleName String style name for main toolbar buttons
windowPaneStyleName String style name for dialog WindowPane
icons Object associative array mapping icon names to images
features Object associative array describing which features should be enabled.

action An event fired when the enter/return key is pressed while the text area is focused.

Instance Method Detail
Processes a user action (pressing enter within text entry area).

Inserts HTML within the text area at the current cursor location.
html (String) - the HTML to be inserted