Class Hierarchy:

AccordionPane component: contains multiple children in vertically arranged tabs that slide up and down to reveal a single child at a time. May contain multiple children. May contain panes as children.

Class Field Summary
The default animation time, 350ms.

Methods inherited from class Echo.Component
getFocusComponent, add, addListener, fireEvent, get, getComponent, getComponentCount, getIndex, getLayoutDirection, getLocale, getLocalStyleData, getRenderLayoutDirection, getRenderLocale, getStyle, getStyleName, indexOf, isActive, isAncestorOf, isEnabled, isRenderEnabled, register, render, renderIndex, remove, removeAll, removeListener, set, setEnabled, setIndex, setLayoutDirection, setLocale, setStyle, setStyleName, toString

Style Properties
animationTime Number the duration (in milliseconds) for which the animation transition effect should be rendered A value of zero indicates an instantaneous transition
defaultContentInsets Insets (Number, String, or Object) the default inset margin to display around child components
tabBackground Color (String) the tab background color
tabBackgroundImage FillImage (String or Object) the tab background image
tabBorder Border (String or Object) the tab border
tabForeground Color (String) the tab foreground color
tabInsets Insets (Number, String, or Object) the tab inset margin
tabRolloverBackground Color (String) the tab rollover background color
tabRolloverBackgroundImage FillImage (String or Object) the tab rollover background image
tabRolloverBorder Border (String or Object) the tab rollover border
tabRolloverEnabled Boolean flag indicating whether rollover effects are enabled
tabRolloverForeground Color (String) the tab rollover foreground color

Layout Data Properties
These properties may be set on layoutData property values of immediate child components to describe how the child should be rendered within the container.
icon ImageReference (String or Object) the icon to display within a tab
title String the text to display within a tab