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ContentPane component: a high-level container/layout object which fills a region and optionally provides the capability to add floating panes (e.g. WindowPanes) above that content. A ContentPane is often suitable for use as a base class to extend when creating a composite (pane) component. May contain at most one non-floating pane component as a child. May contain zero or more floating pane components as children.

Class Field Summary
Setting for overflow property that scrollbars should be displayed when content overflows.
Setting for overflow property indicating that overflowing content should be hidden.
Setting for overflow property indicating that scrollbars should always be displayed.

Methods inherited from class Echo.Component
getFocusComponent, add, addListener, fireEvent, get, getComponent, getComponentCount, getIndex, getLayoutDirection, getLocale, getLocalStyleData, getRenderLayoutDirection, getRenderLocale, getStyle, getStyleName, indexOf, isActive, isAncestorOf, isEnabled, isRenderEnabled, register, render, renderIndex, remove, removeAll, removeListener, set, setEnabled, setIndex, setLayoutDirection, setLocale, setStyle, setStyleName, toString

Style Properties
backgroundImage FillImage (String or Object) the background image
horizontalScroll Extent (Number or String) the horizontal scroll position
insets Insets (Number, String, or Object) the inset margin of the content
overflow Number the scrollbar behavior used when content overflows the boundaries of the pane, one of the following values:
  • OVERFLOW_AUTO (the default)
  • OVERFLOW_HIDDEN hide content that overflows
  • OVERFLOW_SCROLL always display scrollbars
verticalScroll Extent (Number or String) the vertical scroll position