Class Hierarchy:

Column component: a layout container which renders its content in a single vertical column of cells. May contain zero or more child components. Does not support pane components as children.

Methods inherited from class Echo.Component
getFocusComponent, add, addListener, fireEvent, get, getComponent, getComponentCount, getIndex, getLayoutDirection, getLocale, getLocalStyleData, getRenderLayoutDirection, getRenderLocale, getStyle, getStyleName, indexOf, isActive, isAncestorOf, isEnabled, isRenderEnabled, register, render, renderIndex, remove, removeAll, removeListener, set, setEnabled, setIndex, setLayoutDirection, setLocale, setStyle, setStyleName, toString

Style Properties
border Border (String or Object) the border displayed around the entire column
cellSpacing Extent (Number or String) the extent margin between cells of the column
insets Insets (Number, String, or Object) the inset margin between the column border and its cells

Layout Data Properties
These properties may be set on layoutData property values of immediate child components to describe how the child should be rendered within the container.
alignment Alignment (String or Object) the alignment of the child component within its cell
background Color (String) the background of the child component's cell
backrgoundImage FillImage (String or Object) the background image of the child component's cell
height Extent (Number or String) the height of the child component's cell
insets Insets (Number, String, or Object) the insets margin of the child component's cell (this inset is added to any inset set on the container component)