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Class FillerUI

  extended bynextapp.echoservlet.ComponentPeer
      extended bynextapp.echoservlet.ui.FillerUI
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class FillerUI
extends ComponentPeer

A peer for Filler (strut) components.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
private static Element ELEMENT_BR
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void render(RenderingContext rc, Element parent)
          A method that should be overridden for the ComponentPeer to produce HTML output.
Methods inherited from class nextapp.echoservlet.ComponentPeer
addAncillaryService, generateId, getBackground, getChildCount, getChildren, getComponent, getFont, getForeground, getId, getInstancePeer, getParent, getPeer, redraw, registered, removeAncillaryService, unregistered
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Field Detail


private static final Element ELEMENT_BR
Constructor Detail


public FillerUI()
Method Detail


public void render(RenderingContext rc,
                   Element parent)
Description copied from class: ComponentPeer
A method that should be overridden for the ComponentPeer to produce HTML output.

render in class ComponentPeer
rc - A rendering context provided by the Connection.
parent - The element that will contain content rendered by this ComponentPeer.
See Also:
ComponentPeer.render(RenderingContext, Element)

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