JavaScript/Web Programming Resources

JavaScript, CSS, and HTML-related material on the Internet is typically of very poor quality. In my (Tod Liebeck) personal experience, the average Google search for a JavaScript-related issue typically turns up many resources written by non-programmers who have little-to-no experience with the development of truly cross-browser, maintainable JavaScript. The intent of this page is to provide links to off-site JavaScript development resources written by people who actually know what they are talking about.

Note that this page has comments enabled, please feel free to post additional links such that they might be integrated into this page. Beware that the standard for material here is high.

ECMA-262 Specification The official ECMA-262 ECMAScript (JavaScript) Specification.
W3C HTML 4.01 Spec The W3C HTML 4.01 Specification. XHTML 1.0 elements and attributes are specified by the HTML 4.01 specfiication.
W3C CSS 2.1 Spec The Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 Revision 1 (CSS 2.1) Specification.
Mozilla JavaScript 1.5 Reference Documentation for the JavaScript 1.5 Specification from
Developer Resources
QuirksMode Detailed browser compatibility documentation for JavaScript and CSS, generally quite accurate.