Echo3 Extras

Echo3 Extras provides a collection of additional user interface components for the Echo3 framework. This project is currently under development and should be considered beta-quality software.

Current components provided by the Extras library include:

  • AccordionPane: A tabbed container that displays its contents between vertical separators with only one child component displayed at a time. The separators slide up and down with an animated effect when the user changes selection by clicking on a separator.
  • BorderPane: A simple single-child container that displays its content surrounded by a graphically drawn FillImageBorder.
  • CalendarSelect: A date selection component which provides a view of an entire calendar month to aid in selection.
  • ColorSelect: An Hue-Saturation-Value based color selection component.
  • ContextMenu: Right-click context menus.
  • DragSource: A container which allows content to be dragged and dropped.
  • DropDownMenu: SelectField-style drop down menus.
  • Group: Graphical bordered container. Can include title text to describe the content.
  • MenuBarPane: A pull-down menu component with the capability to display submenus and toggle/radio items.
  • RichTextArea: A rich text editor component. Can use pulldown menus and dialogs themed to containing application.
  • TabPane: A traditional tabbed pane implementation. This component can lazy-render its children to reduce initial load times.
  • ToolTipContainer: A component which enables the use of another component as a mouse-hover tool tip.
  • Tree: Server-side model-based hierarchical tree component.
  • TransitionPane: A single-child container that plays an animated effect when its content is changed. Currently supported effects include camera pans and fades.


Extras is licensed under the Mozilla Public License which enables the development of both open-source and commercial software with this library.


Example Applications


Visit the Echo3 Download Page.

Source Code Repository

The project source is hosted in a public Git source code repository on GitHub.