CoreDoc API Documentation Tool

CoreDoc is a Java-based tool which generates API specifications from specially formatted comments in JavaScript source. It is compatible with objects declared using Core.js' Core.extend() feature.

CoreDoc works in a similar fashion to Java's "javadoc" tool. To use the tool, the developer places specially formatted comments above the declarations of each object, method, and property to be documented. These comments may contain "tags" to describe features of a particular object, e.g., to describe each parameter passed to a method.

The following example shows a CoreDoc comment for a method:

     * Returns the value of an indexed property that should be rendered,
     * based on the value set on this component, in the component's
     * specified style, and/or in the application's stylesheet.
     * @param {String} name the name of the property
     * @param {Number} index the (integer) index of the property
     * @param defaultValue the default value to return if no value is 
     *        specified in an internal property, style, or stylesheet
     * @return the property value
    renderIndex: function(name, index, defaultValue) {