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Interface CacheableService

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AwtImagePeer, CacheableServiceWrapper, ResourceImagePeer, StaticBinary, StaticText, StreamImagePeer

public interface CacheableService
extends Service

An interface implemented by services that may be cached for a period of time by the client browser. If a service desires to be cacheable for the entire browser session, it should always return a constant value from its getVersion() method.

Method Summary
 int getVersion()
          Returns the version of the service to be retrieved.
Methods inherited from interface nextapp.echoservlet.Service
getId, service

Method Detail


public int getVersion()
Returns the version of the service to be retrieved. When a service is requested with an updated version number, a non-cached copy will be used. getVersion() should return distinct values whenever the service's content may have changed.

The current version number of the service.

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