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Interface Service

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AwtImagePeer, CacheableServiceWrapper, ComponentHierarchyViewer, ContainerPaneUI, ContentPaneUI, Controller, Initializer, ResourceImagePeer, StaticBinary, StaticText, StreamImagePeer, Template, UnknownIdService, WindowUI

public interface Service

An interface for objects that process Connections, parsing an HTTP request and producing an HTTP response.

Every service is identified by a unique Id. When the client browser makes a request of the server and provides the Service Id of this service, its service() method will be invoked. Every request to an Echo application from a client browser will invoke a service. Services must be registered with the ServiceRegistry before they can be used.

Method Summary
 Id getId()
          Returns a unique identifier for this service.
 void service(Connection conn)
          Services an HTTP request.

Method Detail


public Id getId()
Returns a unique identifier for this service.

A unique identifier for this service.


public void service(Connection conn)
Services an HTTP request. Information about the HTTP request as well as methods for issuing a response are available from the provided Connection object.

conn - A Connection object which wraps HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse objects and provides access to the facilities of the Echo application container.
Throws: - in the event of errors related to processing the HTTP request or producing a response.

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