New Demo App Available

Up until now, the Echo2 demo applications have consisted of tutorial-oriented examples and testing applications. A new application released today corrects this shortcoming, having been purpose-built as a demonstration. Developed in EchoStudio2, the app shows off Echo2's core capabilities as well as those provided by the Echo2Extras and Echo2Chart libraries. Click here to launch this demo app.

Echo2 Extras v0.1 Released

The first test release of the Echo2 Extras component library is now available, featuring components including a tabbed pane, "accordion" pane, pulldown menu, color selector, and calendar selection component. Visit the Echo2 Extras Home Page for details and downloads.

Echo2 2.1 and EchoStudio2 2.1 Beta Releases Available

Beta releases of Echo2 version 2.1 and EchoStudio version 2.1 are now available. The new Echo2 beta focuses on performance, most notably in that Internet Explorer clients now run apps with nearly the same responsiveness as Firefox. The 2.1 version of EchoStudio adds major usability enhancements, including on-screen component selection, categorized property views, and integrated layout data editing. The 2.1 version of Echo2 is available from the Download Page.

Echo2 2.0 and EchoStudio2 2.0 Released

The 2.0 versions of both Echo2 and EchoStudio2 have been released! Read the press release here.

EchoStudio2 Preview Release 2 Available

A second preview release of EchoStudio2 for Echo2 is available for download. This release includes the latest version of Echo2 (2.0.rc6). Visit the EchoStudio Trial Download Page to obtain this release.

Draft Tutorial Documentation Available

Draft tutorial documentation for Echo2 is now available. Updates and technical overview documentation is presently under development and will be released soon.

IE7 Beta 1

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Well, I've finally had a brief opportunity to take a look at the latest browser from Microsoft: IE7 Beta 1. The good news is that it works just fine with Echo2, and that they've added support for rendering alpha channels in PNG images. Echo2 thus no longer needs to use IE's proprietary "image filter" capability to achieve this effect in IE7 as was required with IE6.

A Few Pointers

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I wanted to pass along a few general pointers for those writing applications in Echo2 or porting Echo1 apps to the new platform:

  • Externalize all Strings as though you were going to support multiple languages. I've found this to be an extremely beneficial practice, even when developing apps that are extremely unlikely to ever be translated. It keeps code cleaner, and enables one to quickly review (and even spell-check) all text that is used within an application.

More Fun with Browser Quirks

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First and foremost, I've been informed by a few folks now that blogs are in fact supposed to be updated from time to time. I had previously been of the impression that simply changing the page theme once a year might suffice, but I stand corrected, and will see if I can't manage to update it a bit more often. The lack of attention paid to the blog has not been entirely without cause....extra attention has been scarce these past months due to the sometimes frenzied pace at which Echo2 is being developed.

It's Beta!

Echo2 has entered the beta-testing stage; 2.0.beta1 is now available for download. Additionally, a new example application is introduced in this release: an Echo2 implementation of a web-based e-mail client.

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