EchoStudio to be Open Sourced

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Hello all,

EchoStudio will soon be available as an open-source project.

The current thinking is to license EchoStudio under a strong copyleft license, i.e., a modified GPL license with a provision to allow use within the Eclipse environment (required as the GPL can technically otherwise prohibit such use). The idea is that everyone should be able to freely use and contribute to it, but without the ability to commercialize it. I don't want developers to have the ability to cut and paste features into their own Echo-competitive commercial Eclipse plugins, or to make a derivative closed-source commercial version. I'm very open to ideas on the licensing strategy though, please feel free to suggest other license strategies if you think they'd be more appropriate. Please get in any feedback on this front by November 15.

The license of EchoStudio will of course have no bearing on the code which is generated or built using it, your code is your code, subject to whatever license you see fit to use.

Best regards
--Tod Liebeck // NextApp, Inc.

Re: EchoStudio to be Open Sourced

Very cool! Modified GPL sounds like a good option to me.


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Great to hear!

Great to hear!

Great to hear that EchoStudio will be Open Sourced

The open sourcing of EchoStudio is great news and will make it easier for people to evaluate and try out Echo3!


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Good to hear from you, Tod!

Good to hear from you, Tod! All of us in the Echo community really appreciate your work on this.

any progess on opening

any progess on opening echostudio?

As the trial keys are all invalid and the studio can no longer be purchased.