Echo v3.0.2 and Echo-Extras 3.0.3 Maintenance Release

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A new stable release of Echo is available. This release mainly addresses bugfixes as minor fixes for Internet Explorer, components widths and cursor appearance on buttons.

The noteable changes to 3.0.2 are:

  • e3d9772 Fix width of text fields in tables in IE 8+
  • aba29b1 Bugfix: Serializer used locale-dependent number parser.
  • 0717583 Use normal cursor for disabled buttons
  • 9decd7d Style properties for read-only text components

You can download this latest stable version and browse the source code changes directly on GitHub at
Echo Extras also received a new bugfix release which is available from

Both versions should also become available on Maven Central in a few minutes.

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Great work, guys!

Great work, guys!


I was totally suprised to find an update.

Great job !