IDE project definitions and 3rd party dependencies included in GitHub

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Chris an I committed IDE project definitions for IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse in the current development branch "master" on GitHub. the 3.0.x maintenance branch on the other hand does not include these changes. It's recommended to use IntelliJ as IDE which is also freely available. Eclipse has some limitations i.e. the inability to nest projects.

The new project definitions rely on a Git submodule link to the new echo3-dependencies Repository. This repository contains the required 3rd party JARs to build Echo. This eases building with Ant too, because now you do no longer need to pass environment variables to start the build successfully. A simple "ant" will work now now on the commandline.

The GitHub URL is

To be sure that you have the latest sources and the submodule correctly populated be assure to run "git submodule update --init --recursive". Some Git tools might take care on their own.

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Great!, I think this is a

Great!, I think this is a big leap forward in empowering also "casual" users in contributing to Echo.

I just wanted to note that I'm using Eclipse, and the current setup now works flawlessly - just fetch the sources, update the lib submodule, and import the projects, and you are done. I think it is important that we support both Idea and Eclipse also in the future, as Idea maybe arguably be the better IDE (I can't say really, never tried it), but in many company environments Eclipse is just set as standard, and you would have to justify why using now (yet) another tool.

In any case, what I like in Eclipse in the context of working with Echo is the tight Git support which let's me do almost all Github operations without leaving the IDE (and memorizing commands and parameters... ;). I'll post later on a illustrated guide on how-to contribute a patch in a typical Eclipse setting.