Google Doc for Ulm meeting

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I just created a Google Doc to plan and document our Ulm meeting tomorrow:

You may add comments to the document if you have questions, suggestions etc...

cheers, Chris

P.S.: We will post the Google Hangout instructions here in this forum around 11:00 CEST tomorrow (or as soon as we know them... ;) - so stay tuned...

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Unfortunately, my network

Unfortunately, my network blocks access to Google Docs... Is it possible for you to attach the document directly to this forum post as well?

Mailing the document

Hey, if you give me your mail address, I can just download and mail it to you.

Bjoern bjoern at supportgis point de

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Send it to sknick -at-

Send it to sknick -at-

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we are on Skype - you can contact me via my Skype login spider1704, and I will add you to the group conversation.

(Google Hangout didn't work out in the hurry...)

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Ya, I'll have to bow out

Ya, I'll have to bow out then... Skype is a no-go from my work network. If I had known, I may have been able to plan around it and be where I had access to a different network.

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Let me chime in with one

Let me chime in with one thought for your consideration:

I want to emphasize how my organization has been solely using the JavaScript-only Echo 3 API. I have found no other JavaScript-only API as simple and as easy-to-use as Echo's... The closest thing that exists is ExtJS, but that API is huge and bloated and despite having strong commercial backing, the documentation can be spotty and hard to follow.

As a result, I just want to emphasize the need to keep the JavaScript-only API around in future releases in case that were in question. It would be a curious point to see who else among us uses the JavaScript API, or does everyone else use the Java API?

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Never ever would the JS be

Never ever would the JS be in questions from my point of view. Fully second that. Most people here are using the Java API, one even the Nextapp Eclipse Plugin to visually modellize screens. More in the IRC chat

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Join us on freenode IRC

Join us on freenode IRC channel echo3.

You can use the web frontent if you don't have a IRC chat client available.

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Looks like that URL is

Looks like that URL is blocked for me too! This is the problem of working for the organization that I do. (Think huge bureaucracy.)

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Maybe you could try any

Maybe you could try any other Web IRC chat with access to the "Freenode" IRC chat or propose other solutions wich could work for everybody easily.

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Ya, I looked around but

Ya, I looked around but they're all blocked by our web proxies... I think the simple truth is that I should have planned to work from home today so I would have had access to an unrestricted network.

I'll keep an eye on the forums for the next couple of hours in case you guys post anything here. I appreciate the effort!

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BTW, to the question in

BTW, to the question in section 3 regarding "How and what is Tod doing?", you can at least get a sense of his activities by looking at his activity on the Android Forums web site: