Echo3 Community Meeting in Ulm, Germany on 2013-04-18

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Hello everybody!
I would like to invite everybody to participate in our small Echo3 Community get-together which will take part on 18. April 2013 starting at 10am in Ulm, Germany.

The current agenda is:
1. Introduction of ourselves and our connection to Echo
2. Optional: Short demos of actual Echo applications
3. Discussion on the state & roadmap of Echo3
_ a. Review & Current status of Echo3
_ b. Goals, interests and stakes in Echo3
_ c. Potential Tasks, priorities and contributions to the roadmap
4. Optional: Hands-on: Review and integration of our changes for a “next” pre-release branch

So the key goal of this get-together is exchanging our stakes in Echo and organizing our joined efforts as community of Echo3 users.

Please feel yourself kindly invited if the time & location is suitable for you. If you would like to take part please contact me by E-Mail at B.Schmid/at/ for further information and organization.

- Benjamin

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This is a crosspost. The

This is a crosspost. The discussion around this event takes part at