Maven SNAPSHOT repository now available

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Hi all,

we have set up a Jenkins build process for regularly creating a new snapshot version of the Echo projects. This is available (sans guarantee...) with the following parameters (Gradle syntax)

repositories {
maven { url "" }

dependencies {
compile 'org.maydesk:echo3-app:3.0-SNAPSHOT'
compile 'org.maydesk:echo3-webcontainer:3.0-SNAPSHOT'
compile 'org.maydesk:Echo3_Extras_App:3.0-SNAPSHOT'
compile 'org.maydesk:Echo3_Extras_WebContainer:3.0-SNAPSHOT'
compile 'org.maydesk:Echo3_FileTransfer_App:3.0-SNAPSHOT'
compile 'org.maydesk:Echo3_FileTransfer_Model:3.0-SNAPSHOT'
compile 'org.maydesk:Echo3_FileTransfer_Receiver:3.0-SNAPSHOT'
compile 'org.maydesk:Echo3_FileTransfer_WebContainer:3.0-SNAPSHOT'

We created a Gradle wrapper to resolve the dependency issue to the javax.servlet library. The fork is available at for who is interested.

Please note that this is only an intermediate solution until the build is merged into the master repository. For the latter we would need some assistance on how to create a pull request, and what parameters we should put for the "official" target respository. If someone could help us on that regard we would appreciate that.


Chris & Alejandro

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I threw a quick look on your

I threw a quick look on your changes. Some rather minor comments

  • It's much easier to handle changes if you organise them in topic branches. So ideally when I start to hack on sth. I would create a new branch, commit on it and push it to GitHub.
  • Opening a pull request should be as easy a pressing the according button in the GitHub UI. If none is visible, this is maybe because you are not on a non-master branch and maybe GitHub limits requests only to branches.
  • One commit changes all lines though obviously changing only details. Probably a file encoding issue. See my comments on
I will try to fix the line encoding commit and create a new branch out of your work for further peer review.

Regarding the "official" parameters I do not know any further details:
How is the status here?
Do we have any official account for the official maven site?
How would the upload be triggered?

Maybe someone else can help to shed some light on these issues?

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One further note regarding

One further note regarding the dependency tree:
Only the API Packages should be a compile time dependency. The Webcontainers should be by default a pure runtime dependency imposed by Echo3. Not sure about the two others for filetransfer.
Maybe there should be some metapackages like "echo3", "ech3-extras" and "echo3-filetransfer" with the according dependencies in compile or runtime scope.

Furthermore would it be nice to align then naming and casing to lowercase and dash-separated

And last but not the very least it would be great to have the -sources Packages aside for JavaDoc and Code lookup.

Thanks & Cheers
- Benjamin

Thank you Benjamin for your

Thank you Benjamin for your comments and such a prompt answer.

I saw the comment on
Strangely, I checked the git setting you mentioned and it's set to true, I'll investigate further tomorrow.

This was our first attempt with the gradle port. I'm already working on attaching the sources and as for the casings, I agree with you in having them lower case. I used the name of the jars for the name of the packages as they appear in the file. Do you think I should modify also the jar names ( so that they are all standardized, or just the package name in the gradle file?

I also thought about the meta-packages, our main focus was to have the repository working. Now that it's done, I'll look for a way to create that. Also thank you for pointing out the dependency issue. I'll change them to runtime.

Thanks again for your help.

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Hi Alejandro! Unfortunately

Hi Alejandro!

Unfortunately I do not get any notification on new posts in this forum. Anybody able to achieve this? So if you need quick response use a Github comment/issue or mail me directly.

I'm currently working on the ant build to provide the -sources files for all packages. Not sure if this for your Gradle addon. In the same process I also change the default filenames generated by the ant build files as well as pushing the release version number to 3.0. But still need some time.

So maybe just wait until i push these changes into the main repo before trying to fix the other things to avoid double work.

- Benjamin