100% Echo.WindowPane minus width of scroll bar?

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I'm trying to find a way to make a strip at the top of my Echo 3 JavaScript-based application that would be akin to WordPress' strip at the top when you're logged in as a user. I first looked into using Echo.SplitPane, but since that implementation uses iframe's (evidently), it results in the pane at the top sitting over top of everything--including the scroll bar. I can live with this, but I'd prefer an absolutely-positioned toolbar at the top that sits to the left of the vertical scroll bar. Echo.WindowPane just about achives this, but how can I get it to be the width of the window (i.e. width: "100%") minus the width of the scroll bar? Any ideas?

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Probably best to create a custom component

I'm not a Wordpress user. In what way does it differ and behave different than a normal page element? It stays visible on top of the viewport even if you scroll down?

I don't think there is a easy method to fulfil this only with Echo widgets. You will probably get faster results in creating a custom component which is derived from Panel and renders/manages the container DIV accordingly or use i.e. sth. like the PlainHtml widget of Echolot to render the header simply as pure HTML with the "position:absolute" and other things as requried.

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Thanks. Yes, correct--it

Thanks. Yes, correct--it stays visible on top of the viewport even if you scroll down. I came to the same conclusion myself regarding having to implement a custom component, though I haven't done it yet.