Insert custom javascript into existing application

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I need to improve an application that has already been made using server-side Echo 3.0 RC1. The improvement consists of a single line of javascript that should be inserted above 'Core = { (...)' in the main script. The line won't interfere with the site in any way. Does the application need to be recompiled or is this Core.js javascript file served directly from the filesystem, so that I can modify it directly?

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You find the file Core.js in

You find the file Core.js in

Echo3_WebContainer.jar in the directory "\nextapp\echo\webcontainer\resource\"
You can replace it, but i guess you have to restart the server.

Thank you. I don't know this

Thank you. I don't know this framework very well - would you say that this is the file served from the server-side version of Echo, even after a complete application has been developed using the framework?

Core.js is - as the name

Core.js is - as the name implies - the core of the echo framework. So it´s always transferred to the client.
But if if you want transfer your own files to the client, you can use a more easy way doing this.

Within your servlet which must be derived from WebContainterServlet there is a method addInitScript.
There you can add other Javascript files before the application is starting up.