Encoding of RichTextArea in Internet Explorer 9


I'm using the Extras.RichTextArea in my application. It works in most browsers. In IE9 I got an exception when the input of the textarea is parsed on server side. The input source tried to read the content as UTF-8. The internet explorer here created the editable iframe with a document that has CP-1252 as charset encoding. Using characters like "äüö" resulted in a crash of the application with the next try to sync.

For IE it is necessary to set the charset to UTF-8 after creating the document of the iframe. (Seems like UTF-8 is the only charset, supported by echo3, because it's hardcoded in UserInstanceContainer :( )

My changes in Echo3 RC1:

Core.Web.js -> createDocument:

} else {
	dom = document.implementation.createDocument(namespaceUri, qualifiedName, null);

RemoteClient.js -> sync:

var conn = new Core.Web.HttpConnection(this.getServiceUrl("Echo.Sync"), "POST",  this._clientMessage._renderXml(), "text/xml;charset=utf-8");

Created my own WindowHtmlService to add the following meta information:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

These changes helped the browsers to determine the correct charset.
Please try to add the better UTF-8 support for IE to the next RC.



Hi André,
Tod seems to have no time any more to develop echo3.
So it would be really great if you could commit these fixes.
I think you could ask Nadir/Tod for an account.
Bjoern Weitzig


The touchscroll patch too, please?

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What do you refer to?

What do you refer to? Source/Reference?

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Thank you very much André

Thank you very much André for your extensive patch description!

We stumbled upon the same issue. I forked Echo3 on GitHub and I'm currrently incorporating this and some other minor bugfixes into that Git fork.
Also I'm going to push my feature/xxx and hotfix/xx branches so everybody can cherry-pick our changes for personal customisations.


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A patched version/fork of

A patched version/fork of the official Echo3 sources with a few minor addons can be found in the master branch at https://github.com/exxcellent/echo3/

Please read the Pull request notice to learn about other changes contained in this branch.

Update: The followin line must be ommited: It will cause an exception in FireFox 3.6 because this property is a read-only property. Newer browser seem to tolerate the write access. dom.characterSet="utf-8";