Struggle with fireEvent Method

I´m trying to fire an event from my App with the following approach:

this.fireEvent({type: "myEvent", source: this, data: {x:1, y:2, id:3 }});

My Expectations were that the "data" with x,y, id is transfered to the server. But in the network protocol I only see this.

<cmsg xmlns="" i="7">
<dir xmlns="" proc="CSync">
<e t="myEvent" i="C.3"></e>

The Event reaches the client as expected - but there is no data.
What I´m doing wrong ?

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Does a simple string as data

Does a simple string as data work?


this.fireEvent({type: "MyEvent", source: this, data: "MyData"});

ends up in:

<cmsg xmlns="" i="1">
<dir xmlns="" proc="CSync">
<e t="MyEvent" i="C.3">MyData</e>

- looks good

this.fireEvent({type: "unityReady", source: this, data: {xyz:"MyData"}});

is empty again....

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I believe the client js

I believe the client js implementation process only string data. You may have to encode your JSON structure as a string (maybe just wrap in double quotes) and see if that gets around it. You can also try declaring input properties and xml serialisers for these properties in your implementation. I have found simple hacks easier to work with :-)

i will give the JSON

i will give the JSON approach a try.

works fine

Works fine.

For the client side I took a JSON serializer from here:

So my fireEvent method looks similar like this:
this.fireEvent({type: "myEvent", source: this, data: toJSON({xyz:"MyData"})});

On Server side I implemented a SerialPropertyPeer - very straight forward

public class Unity3dPeer implements SerialPropertyPeer{

public Object toProperty(Context paramContext, Class paramClass, Element paramElement) throws SerialException {
String json = paramElement.getTextContent();
XStream xstream = new XStream(new JettisonMappedXmlDriver());
xstream.alias("MyModel", MyModel .class);
MyModel u3dem = (MyModel )xstream.fromXML(json);
return u3dem;
public void toXml(Context paramContext, Class paramClass, Element paramElement, Object paramObject) throws SerialException {}

thanks for the help