Echo3 RC1 Now Available

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The first release candidate of Echo3 is now available. This release is identical to the very well tested SVN 2270 version. An updated release of Echo3 Extras will follow in the near future; in the interim the Echo3 Extras build 1386 should be used.

The Bug 499 TextField patch has not been added to this release, but it or something like it will be available in RC2. The interval between RC1 and RC2 should be substantially less than the painfully long Beta8 to RC1 interval.

Congrats! I'm huge fan of

Congrats! I'm huge fan of Echo2. and soon will be a huge fan for Echo3.

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Good deal!

Good deal!

Good job !

Good job !

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RE: Echo3 RC1 Now Available

Ya Hoo!

Good Stuff!


Great news! thank you, thank

Great news! thank you, thank you very much...

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What about moving the Extras

What about moving the Extras to RC1 as well? Many of the components in there are as important as the ones in the base package.

Thx U so much!!!

Thx U so much!!!

Needing that bug 499 TextField patch fixed desparately ....

Any news on when a release or at least a patch for the TextField paste problem will be available.

In the meantime is there a known work around? For example can we set up a listener on every text field and trap the mouse clicks ourselves and set focus on the component in the hope that that triggers the right 'remember the stuff I just pasted' dance?

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Did you check and see if

Did you check and see if this was fixed on the Github fork?