Pre-release of EchoStudio3 beta2 AVAILABLE

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Hello all,

I've set up an Eclipse update site for EchoStudio3 and have uploaded a prerelease version of beta2.


The Eclipse update site is located at Go to Help->Install Software in Eclipse to add the site.

If you want to play around with / help test this version of EchoStudio, try creating a new Eclipse workspace and installing it there. Make certain you fully uninstall any previous versions of EchoStudio before installing this version.

What's new in this version? Pretty much everything. 733 commits worth of everything, anyway. The style editor has a completely new UI. The form editor is no longer attached to a Java editor, and has major UI updates as well. There's a prettier default application theme, with built-in Tango icons. Both form and style editors now have undo and redo. Most properties can now be (quickly) edited directly in the property table (if desired). Annoying things like Echo3Extras_DT.jar are no longer in your projects. Additionally there have been literally dozens of tweaks to improve "developer efficiency" within the product, e.g., ensuring the last selected image folder is selected when an image chooser is displayed.

A complete feature list will be compiled/published for the beta2 release.

The Echo project structure has changed a bit. For the moment I'd recommend only using it to create new projects, until I have time to post good instructions for updating. (The gist of it: re-add Echo/Extras/etc using the "Add Echo Libraries to Project" feature, and remove any "DT.jar" files. Ensure a copy of servlet.jar is in the project's classpath as well).

A few notable issues:
- To open a form, open the .form file. Opening the corresponding .java file will now open a Java editor.
- If you update an old Echo (pre EchoStudio beta2) project to work with the new version or update Echo JARs, you may need to exit and restart Eclipse when you're done before you start working on it. This will be fixed shortly.
- Echo2->Echo3 project migration has NOT been tested and thus will almost certainly not work.
- Make sure you use the new "Default" template for new projects. It's the only one so far with the updated theme.
- PLEASE report all bugs you find. Feel free to post quick reports/observations directly in this thread.
- There is no license key in the download, please use the license key here:

(Don't worry about the impending expiration, new keys will be posted before expiration)

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The obligatory screenshot.

Showing the updated "Alpha" theme in the updated form editor.

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Beta2 Pre5 is available.

Beta2 Pre5 is available. Adds a few fixes and enhancements. Most notably is better support for editing TabPane/AccordionPane children, in that the correct parent tab is automatically selected.

The update is available via the update site, just ask the Eclipse' update manager to search for updates and b2pre5 should install.

I'm extremely close to releasing beta2, please post any bugs ASAP.

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Pre6 is available from the update site

The biggest improvement to pre6 is the availability of a menu model editor for extras menus. Menus can now be designed entirely within the Form Editor.

The border editor has been updated to allow editing four-sided borders, and some improvements have been made to the default "Alpha" theme to take advantage of this capability (still a bit more to do).

It can be obtained from the Eclipse update site.

Please report any bugs, beta2 will be out very soon!

Screenshot of the menu editor dialog:

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I ran into some problems

I ran into some problems testing EchoStudio3 on OS X in preparation for beta2. It seems the native OS color selector does not always send down an "OK" event, making it very difficult or impossible to set color properties. Additionally the close button is a tiny red dot in the upper left corner (it's a mini-dialog window, so it's half normal size), and there are no OK/Cancel buttons. So between this and the fact that the Win32 color selector has always been rubbish, this weekend was spent developing a new one. See attached screenshot, let me know your thoughts. It's not in a public release yet.

This replaces all color selection dialogs used in EchoStudio, for all platforms:

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Pre7 is now available. This

Pre7 is now available. This one adds the updated ColorSelect shown above. There are additionally a fair number of Windows-specific, Mac-specific and Mac-Cocoa-specific fixes due to platform-specific testing.

This release now requires Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) or later. Trees/tables should now behave significantly better as a result (columns should lay out to fill regions and horizontal scrollbars should appear only when necessary).

Please test, intention is to release b2 this week.

The beta license key recently expired, please obtain the new one here:

Again, please note that these versions currently are ONLY AVAILABLE USING THE ECLIPSE UPDATER, which requires that you to add the following software update site from within Eclipse: