CSS Sprites

Hi, I haven't had to optimise web pages too much in the past but I've recently been more interested in doing so.
A colleague suggested I look into CSS Sprites, eg:

Has anyone ever used this technique within an echo application or got opinions for/against this type of web page optimisation?


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GWT uses this, and I had

GWT uses this, and I had asked NextApp to take a look and see if this was something that could be introduced into the framework.

Cool, hope this makes it

Cool, hope this makes it into Echo one day!

You can already do this

You can already do this manually by using FillImage positioning. I suppose you have tried that already?

We already use FillImages

We already use FillImages for things like modal popup login dialogs (that have a nice semi-transparent border). But this (or at least our use of it) uses 8 individual images. This case is infact the situation where I wanted to make the border more efficient (because it's often very sluggish), which is when I came across the sprites idea.
So how do I go about changing from the 8-image FillImage border to a CSS sprites approach?