EchoStudio3 Beta2 Now Available

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Beta2 is a complete re-imagining of EchoStudio for Echo3. The Form and StyleSheet editors have been redesigned, and now provide support for undo/redo along with faster and easier property editing. The product has been moved from a downloadable plugin to a proper Eclipse update site, such that users can easily upgrade to later releases.

A new default theme has been added to the application templates, reminiscent of the Echo3 demo application. The public domain Tango icons are additionally included. Together they can be used to create great looking applications with little effort.

All property editors have been overhauled for both efficiency and ease of use. Experienced users can (optionally) enter properties as text strings directly into property tables. For example, one could simply type "2px red" directly into a border field. Most property editing dialogs have been redesigned as well. A new menu editor allows for visually creating Extras MenuBarPane, ContextMenu, and DropDownMenu components.

Visit to download the free trial version.

If you were using EchoStudio beta1, please be sure to uninstall it before installing beta2. (This will not be necessary in future releases).

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Form editor showing a menu model being edited:

The StyleSheet editor:

StyleSheet editor showing new border and color property editors:

All screenshots showing default project with "Alpha" theme.

The update site still lists

The update site still lists pre7 as the installation. Is that correct?

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No, it should be b2r1.

No, it should be b2r1. Thanks for the report, looking into it.

Edit... did you upgrade from b2pre7 or try to install b2r1 from scratch? (Either case should be acceptable, it should update pre7 to r1).

I did a clean install and

I did a clean install and will look into the update site again to be sure.

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I've switched to date-based

I've switched to date-based versions for the time being, so the current version should now end with the release date. The Eclipse update system and I are not on good terms at the moment.

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I've just seen some fairly horrifying behavior from Eclipse 3.3 with regard to refusing to update, I hope this is simply due to the fact that the particular installation on the test machine I was using has had dozens of different versions of EchoStudio installed and uninstalled over the past few days.

What I've learned is that, if you have difficulty installing it, ensure there are NO existing EchoStudio versions in your Eclipse environment. Even disabled ones...get rid of them all. Make sure no EchoStudio JARs (nextapp.es3.*) are in your plugins folder. Remove the update site and make sure it's really gone. Restart Eclipse. Then re-add the update site and install.

All the b2pre* versions have now been removed from the update site to ensure nice sequential date-based version numbering.

EchoStudio Beta 3 much imporoved!

I gave Beta3 a spin and was pleasantly surprised e.g. the preview finally works on OSX !
A few things i did notice are:

1. If you delete anything in a form it deletes immediately in the java class - is this a feaure or a bug? - I'm not sure - I would have though that the code gets generated when you save the form - but I suppose I can get used to it as long as it is consistent.
2. I can't paste text in the form editor using the keyboard (OSX) - e.g. the text property of a label (right click -> paste works ) but not with the keybaord usual <apple> V
3. Nice to see that if you delete/cut a control that the tree of controls remains expaned

We'll start to use the studio now in real development and give more feedback - but my first impression is very positive.
Well done Tod!

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Thanks, great to hear it!

Thanks, great to hear it! Are you seeing b2r1 as your installed version?

For point #1, it's only supposed to do the full synchronize on save. There's a dialog that pops up when it saves/synchronizes, but on a fast computer it'll only be a flicker. Changing component visibility and adding event listeners will result in immediate updates though.

Point #2 is expected, currently all cut/copy/paste stuff is directed at the form itself, this needs to be resolved so that active properties can preempt.

Point #3, yes, old tree was very annoying in this regard. A lot of work was put in to get rid of little annoying issues like this. If you see other items that are not necessarily "broken" but qualify as "annoying", please report!

Release version 3.0.0.b2pre7

EchoStudio3 3.0.0.b2pre7

this is the version that is showing up from using the install site on Oct 10th

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Try uninstalling everything

Try uninstalling everything EchoStudio related (see my earlier post in this thread). Pre7 has been *removed* from the server, all the new versions will have date suffixes.