Updated Demo App

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I've updated the main Echo3 demo app (http://demo.nextapp.com) to show some of the improvements currently in SVN trunk. Would greatly appreciate any bug reports related to it.

The most notable improvements have been made to the TabPane and RichTextArea components. Artwork in the demo app has also been refreshed a bit, including adding icons from the Tango Desktop Project (http://tango.freedesktop.org).


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works fine in Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox. The technology section "hovering" does a good job to explain parts of the code.
I didn't see any glitches except the RichTextArea. The IE6 has initially problems arranging the icons, but once its rendered and visited again everything is fine. I personally like the new demo artwork. Where is a server side version of this shiny demo?


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Thanks, have seen the

Thanks, have seen the problems with IE6 loading/sizing the icons, need to look into it more. No server-side version of the Echo3 demo app in the plan for the moment.