Echo3 Demo Updates

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I've made some updates to the Echo3 demo to show off the post-beta2 changes in the framework. The demo is available at the usual location, New features include an entirely new rendering for the CalendarSelect, which now displays animated effects when selecting dates. WindowPanes and SplitPanes now offer rollover effects. The DropDownMenu renderer was given some aesthetic improvements as well. There's more to come before beta3 (notably in that TabPane will receive some significant updates), but things are progressing smoothly and beta3 is not too much farther out.

And for anyone interested, the echo3demo has a SVN repository, This particular build can also be downloaded from

Would appreciate any bug reports on the updated demo app (it's the first impression people will see of Echo3, so it's fairly important it work well).


Obligatory screenshot (showing new "Extras Widgets" screen):

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Updated the demo app again

Updated the demo app again to the latest SVN (to show the new scrollable TabPane). To try the scrolling feature, go to the TabPane demo and then click "add tab" several times until there are too many tabs to fit.


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And additionally... now redirects to the Echo3 rather than Echo2 demo application. The Echo2 demo is still available from the demos page:

I wonder if this framework

I wonder if this framework is still in development. I need a framework to use in a project I'm working at my current job, but need it to have support and be consistently updated to ensure no bugs.

Looking forward for this framework!

-Fernando Sterea

Still in development

Yes - most definitely! We're in the process of upgrading servers and expect some exciting news soon!