Expandablesection Bugs

Two ExpandableSection bugs, only in IE, FireFox - ok
Echo 2.1.0.beta5

1. Bug when Expandable section contains nested expandables sections and ExpandableSection is in Row (when no rows everything ok, rows r1 r2), content dispaear/apear depending on mouse movements

Steps to reproduce:
a ) Expand Expandable1
b ) Expand Expandable11
c ) Expand Expandable12
d ) Move mouse between titles of Expandable11 and Expandable12, content of Expandable12 will disapear then apear again.

2. Bug, quite funny :), When expandable section contains SelectField
a ) Expand some sections till scrollbars apears, then move scrollbars up or down, all select Fields wil stay on the same place on the screen ignoring that content is moving up or down.


Column cc = new Column();
        for (int z =0; z < 15; z++) {
            Row r1 = new Row();
            ExpandableSection ex = new ExpandableSection("Expandable1");
            Column c3 = new Column();
            ExpandableSection ex1 = new ExpandableSection("Expandable11");

            String[] values = {"One", "Two"};            
            SelectField selectField = new SelectField(values);
            Row rr = new Row();
            Row r2 = new Row();
            ExpandableSection ex2 = new ExpandableSection("Expandable12");
            Column c = new Column();
            for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
                Label labe2 = new Label("Label" + i);
            Row r3 = new Row();

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I can confirm both bugs. Thanks for the info.

I think its cause by the ES content area being position:relative. On IE the <select> peice of sh!t that it is does not respect the z-ordering or relative positioning and hence it refuse to move with its containing element.

As for the mouseover this is a serious IE bug. Now I removed the position:relative and it works as expected however I recall I added position:relative to fix another IE rendering bug.

JRich do you remember a bug like this. I am searching the forums as I type?

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Yep I found the Thread and I now remember the bug


I did update many of the components that used position:relative but as it turns out not ExpandableSection (which was the original catalyst for the bug)

It is now fixed and will be in CVS very soon. It turns out that on IE, the position:relative without "layout" cause the <select> to misbehave and also cause re-paint issues.

This now works as expected!

Hi, bbakerman
I compiled yesterday new version from cvs, but flying dropdown listboxes bug still exist, is it still not fixed or I'm doing something wrong?

Thank you , kestas

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It should be fixed on IE 6. What browser are you using?

I took you example and based my fixes on that behaviour. It is possible some "extra" bullsh*t behaviour in IE is still causing a bug.

Maybe I taking wrong version from cvs?
I used:
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@echopoint.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/echopoint co -P echopointng
and compiled it
Tested with my previos example on IE 6, it was a bit different but also quite easily to reproduce.

bbakerman wrote:

It should be fixed on IE 6. What browser are you using?
I took you example and based my fixes on that behaviour. It is possible some "extra" bullsh*t behaviour in IE is still causing a bug.

With echopointng-2.1.0rc4.jar dropdown listboxes still ignores gravity (flying SelectFields bug) ...
With version from cvs also ... :(

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I've the same problem. In my page SelectField objects often won't respect Zorder and don't scroll along with the rest of components. All this on IE6, while with Firefox anything goes well!

I've tried all the solutions (also wrapping SelectField components in a ContainerEx component)...

Any help?


Select field appearing disappearing in expandable section


I am also having this problem. I am using echo2go jars download couple of weeks back. My problem is select field is appearing and disappearing with no fixed pattern. Though its working with the scrolling and goes with other content. Any idea, fixes? EchopoingNG version is 2.1.0rc8.jar


any update on this? select

any update on this? select fields don't seem to be working in IE7 within expandable sections

I fixed this by changing the

I fixed this by changing the echopointng.ui.util.Render class. There is a method called layoutFix that does style.setAttribute("zoom", "1") if the browser is IE6, I changed this so it would also do this for IE7.