Error creating WAR whene use itext library

Hello everybody!
I try to use itext library to generate PDF document in my application, I use EchoStudio and I have the library in the Build Path, but when I import it in my classes and then try to create the WAR file Eclipse generate a critical error in build.xml:84 and the WAR ins't created.
Previously I try to use in the same way onother PDF library but I obtain the same error.
Can someone help my please, or give my a valid alternative?



Do you have access to the ant-script (build.xml) used in the build process? If so, take a look at line 84 and if this does not help, post the ant script.

If you create the war by export maybe you can save the the ant-script with the "Save Export Option" you can find in the Export-Dialog/Wizard.

Or take a look at the eclipse-log file, maybe you can find an exception. It is located at

where $eclipse is your eclipse-install directory

critical error could mean that you run out-of-memory.

Another hint: If you have the ant-script its sometimes better to run it outside eclipse.

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In order for the Ant script to work in EchoStudio, the library must be placed in the in the "lib/" directory of the project. If this is not desired/practical, you'll have to modify the Ant script so that the library will be included on the classpath.

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Thank you very much for yours suggestions.
Now it is ok! :D:D